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Warfare 1917 Online Games

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Warfare 1917 is a flash game which is published by Armor games and it is developed by the programmer ConArtist. It is a strategy game which is based on the war between British and Germans in World War 1. The objective of the game is that you have to capture the ground and trenches while fighting the enemies which are pre-programmed in the computer. Before starting the war you have to choose the side in which you want to play, it will be either British or German.


Some of the Features of the Warfare 1917 Game:


In Warfare 1917 game you can use game units like Machine Gunners, officers, Assault, sharpshooters, tanks and Riflemen in both German and British campaigns. Users can also select different types of weapons and artilleries etc. in the game. You can also set up custom levels according to your mood and patience. Except A7V tank all the technologies of that time (World War 1) like mortars, anti tank weapons, heavy artillery and mustard gas are quite accurate. The British Empire uses Mark IV tank and German Empire uses A7V tank as their vehicle.

You will be awarded with new modified troops, as you quickly progress through the levels and the troops will play with modern barrage weapons and controls. After that you will have a tank which will run under your command.


Warfare 1917 Mission list:

1. To the Trenches
2. Downpour
3. Take Cover
4. No Man’s Land
5. Heavy Guns
6. Yellow Cross
7. Land Ships
8. Exploding Ground
9. The Last Stand


You will have to click on the face of your choice of troop and leave it to get loaded. And when it will join the fight or shooting, you will be able to join another troop. May be one will take more time than the other one. Then click on the switch which is at the bottom of encroach for seeing the contents of encroach to take the decision of the time to go over.


You will have upgrades between two battles. The officers give damage bonus. Your game will be saved automatically. It will be best if you use gas to block the movement. When the enemy is just entering the field, you can use the big guns and take the advantage of being ready to proceed.


The game Warfare 1917 is quite good, impressive and entertaining. It has a lot of technological modification than the game Warfare 1944. Here customization of levels for the sake of ease of the users is also available.